Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You should try this...

Its been so long I havent write a new post as I were so busy as bee struggling to complete my assignment. So whats news? Hmm...guest what I'm a person who are skeptical about health product, vitamin n whatever things yang sekufu dengannya. Its juz on hari raya when my elder sister along from kelantan balik melaka for hari raya usual we have our own chit chat program at my mother's house. Of course I dont like and never dare to drink any milk, not even teh susu or milo, my drinks is always with teh o gula or things with gula, but while she talking about reliv, I not really interested about it, but thing suddenly change when I realise something different about her face...i mean her skin...alot of improvement. Then I start to listen n I become more interested when talking about children disability to learn, n guess what....reliv product Now For Kids helps children to overcome this problem. And my niece Liyana from Singapore already taken this since july, n she discovered that she can focus more and easily absorbed whatever she learn at class.

Becoz of that without think twice, I try this product. Last saturday, on 3 nov, I was sitting my final exam, n when I went to my class, my friends asking me what I'm using for my face. And i tell them I'm taking a nutrition product.So she said, whatever you take I also want to take...See...people can see the difference. I also recommended Now For Kids to one of my students, his brother age 2 years old eczema and by one week after taking reliv, his brother skin has improved and no more rashes or itchy anymore.

I also taken this bcoz I've seen improvement at my father who has kidney problem, after reliv, he was so energetic...and hopefully we dont get any newborn sister or brother anymore...hehehe..juz kidding....unless he taken Rever Age product...wakakaka

There are so many stories about this product and really proven...and also this product is Money BACK GUARANTEE within 30 days if you not satisfied with the product within 30 days....and also this product is PATERN by USA n HALAL from INFANCA. So its worth it to try and you wont dissapointed...and the taste is so good juz like you drink fruit juice and not milk.... Call me if you interested....017-3833358

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